Do you need a prompt centralized monitoring of  your company’s activity indicators?

q  If so, we offer you universal methods and specific algorithms to promptly estimate any changes in monitored system indicators (MI). The methods and algorithms proved their validity in multiple information control systems.

q  When applied to monitored indicators, the methods sharply increase immediacy, certainty and objectivity of the estimate, they make it possible to discover hidden, just appearing trends (both positive and negative – we call them here “management problems”) and so, allow to take efficient managerial actions in due time.

q  At the same time long-term trends for each monitored indicator can be easily identified and foreseen.



q   The proposed methods and algorithms are based on a universal approach which, if applied to a centralized monitoring unit in any information system, ensures solving the tasks in a nearly all-automatic mode. The algorithms can be adjusted to the specificity of particular monitored indicators through control parameters.

q  A principle of compulsory notification of  decision-making persons whenever a management problem appears is realized.

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q  Contact address:

 Oleg V. Krivenko, - candidate of technical sciences, head of information technology and analytics department – Moscow, Russia, office phone: 7(095) 190-5055, home: 7(095) 193-8635, E_mail: